Stephanie Parsons

Literacy Consulting

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Stephanie knows that with big goals and high expectations we can teach children to read and write in ways that change their lives- and ours. She works with schools and districts across the country and internationally to enhance their instructional practices in all aspects of balanced literacy. She supports curriculum development and enrichment, assessing and improving literacy teaching and coaching methods, working with multiple forms of assessment, and strengthening learning communities. An actual classroom teacher herself, Stephanie works to connect big ideas to the daily reality of life in school.

A graduate of Yale and Teachers College at Columbia University, Stephanie first taught at P.S. 321 in Brooklyn, New York, and now teaches at the Brooklyn School of Inquiry. She is a former staff developer with Lucy Calkins and the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. Stephanie brings a healthy mix of joy, authenticity, and depth to every client every day.


About Stephanie

I believe that schools can become cultures where youngsters are discovering the joy, the difficulty, and the excitement of learning and where adults are continually rediscovering the joy, the difficulty, and the excitement of learning. Places where we are all in it together- learning by heart.

-Roland S. Barth