Stephanie Parsons

Literacy Consulting

Stephanie Parsons

Literacy Consulting

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Customized Professional Development

Stephanie works closely with clients to determine how best to meet the needs of each particular learning community. From assessing and prioritizing needs to budgeting for time and materials, from scheduling a year of PD to scheduling a single day, she provides a rich menu of options and advice on how to choose.

Content Options

Common Core Standards

  1. Compliance with standards

  2. Curriculum planning

  3. Rubrics and assessments

Balanced Literacy

  1. Transitioning from another approach or program, such as an anthology

  2. Components, and how they work together:

  3. -Independent Reading Workshop

  4. -Read Aloud with Purposeful Talk

  5. -Shared Reading

  6. -Small Group Reading Instruction

  7. -Independent Writing Workshop

  8. -Shared Writing

  9. -Interactive Writing

  10. -Word/ Language Study


  1. Increasing Comprehension

  2. Assessment


  1. Understanding the Writing Process

  2. Assessment

Format Options

Keynote Address

Workshop Presentation or Multi-Day Institute

  1. Full days combine an in-depth discussion of the topic with active, hands-on engagements for participants

  2. Half days can be combined with demonstrations or break-outs (for example, a morning workshop on read aloud with purposeful talk for K-5 teachers followed by classroom demonstrations or by another workshop for literacy coaches on how to support teachers as they read aloud to their students)

Curriculum Development

  1. Working with districts and schools to create standards-based calendars and units of study in reading and writing

  2. Refining existing curricular calendars to...

  3. -comply with the Common Core State Standards Initiative

  4. -articulate vertically (writing nonfiction in fifth grade should look different than it does in third grade)

  5. -refer to specific demonstration materials and have specific teaching points, charts, rubrics, and assessments for each unit

  6. Mapping other components of balanced literacy, including read aloud, shared reading, cycles of small group reading instruction, word/language study, or interactive writing

Embedded PD

  1. On-site classroom demonstrations of...

  2. -whole-class lessons

  3. -individual conferences

  4. -small group instruction

  5. -assessment

  6. -any component of balanced literacy

  7. -literacy coaching

  8. Coaching, observing, and supporting teachers

  9. Using formative assessment (observations of student work, talk, behaviors, habits, or reflections) to plan future instruction